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Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) based Flexible Automated Landing System for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252558D
Publication Date: 2018-Jan-24

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Michael Dillard Emmanuel Letsu-Dake


Safe operation of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the last stages of flight is critical for commercial and consumer UAV applications. The last 50 feet of flight is especially complex since GPS is not precise in the last segments of flight. To autonomously land a UAV on a target area, precise controlling of UAV and solid recognition of target area are required. The vision based autonomous landing systems require computationally-intensive image processing and are highly dependent on visibility, object detection, and recognition. The present paper discloses the use of Visual Light Communication ("Li-Fi") between a small UAV and a ground platform. Once the UAV is in Line of Sight (LOS) or Field of View (FOV) of the ground platform, it broadcasts its identity to the ground platform. The ground platform identifies the UAV and a handshake is performed. The ground platform sends out secure landing information to UAV and it uses the information as control guidance commands ensuring a secure and precise landing of the UAV on the ground platform.