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Aggressive individuals detection and temporal isolation in smart farm Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252650D
Publication Date: 2018-Jan-31
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Problem with huge farms, with i.e. pigs or chickens is that person responsible for those animals is physically not able to observe them all (even if there is visual monitoring installed). Those aggressive individuals are harming other animals and make them restless. There is need to detect such aggressive animals and isolate them from other.

In our idea we are proposing utilization of existing video monitoring, that is installed in farms and connecting it to our Smart Farm Assistant, which might be great addition to already existing solutions. We are proposing leveraging existing visual monitoring system (with assumption, that all pens are covered visually by at least one camera), to avoid additional costs. If there are no cameras monitoring pens, they have to be installed, so this algorithm works properly. Those cameras should be connected to server which will be analyzing video recorded by cameras. Animals should be observer to detect aggressive behavior. Such algorithms already exist for humans, but basis of such detection would work in the same manner for animals (panic voice, punching/kicking other object – i.e. Then, after detection of such aggressive individual, it should be tracked, to not lose which one is that and it should be visually tagged on monitoring screen. We are proposing two ways, how to handle such aggressive animal. 1) Human reaction When aggressive animal is detected, then facilitator of farm is notified...