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Method and system to automatically open connection on home and mobile wireless devices in case of disaster Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252651D
Publication Date: 2018-Jan-31
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Just after a disaster like a high level earthquake or tsunami, people are requested to open their wireless devices to guest connections to facilitate communications and rescue. The invention will provide an automatic process to open the wireless devices using a provider broadcasting signal. The following prior art : open+wireless+connection+during+disaster&hl=it&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBwszk0rDT AhUDdCwKHVfTApsQ6AEIIzAA addresses the problem with the use of dedicated devices using a superior network with higher level protocol relaying on radio frequencies in the disaster area. The above solution relay on a dedicated infrastructure that not always is possible to build due to an unsatisfactory cost-benefit trade-off

When an official National or International Security Board declare an emergency for a disaster, all companies that have managed routers or mobile devices (aka devices in the description) in the geographical area that is indicated by disaster Security Board must be able to open all responsive devices handling a wireless hot spot to remove any kind of protection on it allowing anyone to connect to the specified device and use it to access internet facing applications or services. In order to accomplish this, each provider of services shall use the "Router Alert" protocol to force devices to read tcp ip packages details. Device firmware / operating system must support a code feature that disable wi-fi...