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Efficient mixing for multicomponent mixtures in the heating volume of gas-insulated switchgear Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252652D
Publication Date: 2018-Jan-31

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Mahesh DHOTRE Javier MANTILLA Oliver COSSALTER Xiangyang YE
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A switching chamber filled with a dielectric insulating medium comprises a first arcing contact (3) and a mating second arcing contact (4), an insulating main nozzle (2), an insulating auxiliary nozzle (8), an arcing volume (5), a heating volume (6) and a channel (7) connecting the arcing volume (5) with the heating volume (6). At least one separating element (9a; 10) is provided inside the heating volume (6), being adapted to separate the heating volume (6) into a first and a second partial heating volume (6a, 6b) in such a way that dielectric insulating medium flows from the arcing volume (5) through the channel (7) first into the first partial heating volume (6a) and subsequently into the second partial heating volume (6b).