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System and method for Baby monitor with mid-air haptic feedback for efficient sleep Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252801D
Publication Date: 2018-Feb-13
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Baby monitor with mid-air haptic feedback for efficient sleep


While the babies sleep their sleep could be interrupted while the parent is away and when the baby does feel the touch. To ensure the baby continues to feel the cuddle and thus have an uninterrupted sleep we have thought of a system that can imitate the human touch through acoustic force applied by a parent using midair haptic feedback using ultrasound.

System details

The disclosed system ensures sleep of the baby is not interrupted allowing a healthy profile for the baby and less intervention required by the parents to take care of the baby.

1) The baby sleep monitor system shall help cuddle the baby to imitate the human touch through acoustic force applied by a parent using midair haptic feedback using ultrasound. The system shall leverage tactile rendering algorithm to help apply the pressure using ultrasound to imitate the human touch through haptic feedback.

2) The system shall allow the parents to avoid interrupting sleep in between allowing them to prevent any health issue by frequent disruptive sleep pattern.

3) The system shall capture patterns of sleep disturbances which shall help plan feeding requirements by the parents.

4) The system shall capture wetness to suggest a diaper change for the baby. Constant movement and restless sleep can be alerted, and action can be taken by the parents.

5) The system shall capture the pressure applied by the baby to determine environmental conditions like air quality or any other conditions to initiate alterations by the parents.

6) The system shall capture past learning and provide inputs to parents on improving baby sleep such as diet, diaper range, room temperature etc.

System design

Using the method for creating three-dimensional haptic shapes in mid-air using focused ultrasound. This approach applies the principles of acoustic radiation force, whereby the non-linear effects of sound produce forces on the skin which are strong enough to generate tactile sensations. This mid-air haptic feedback eliminates the need for any attachment of actuators or contact with physical devices. The user perceives a discernible haptic shape when the corresponding acoustic interference pattern is generated above a precisely controlled two-dimensional phased array of ultrasound transducers. This leverages algorithm for controlling the volumetric distribution of the acoustic radiation force field in the form of a three-dimensional shape. We create this acoustic radiation force field and allow the baby to interact with it. Acoustic radiation force: the force generated when ultrasound is reflected. The ultrasound is focused onto the surface of the skin, where it induces a shear wave in the skin tissue. The displacement caused by the shear wave triggers mechanoreceptors within the skin generating a haptic sensation

Creating tactile sensations using focused ultrasound. We have identified ultrasound as the most flexible and dynamic method for...