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Method and System for Automatically Capturing "Selfie" Photos Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252806D
Publication Date: 2018-Feb-13
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Method and System for Automatically Capturing “Selfie” Photos

Disclosed is a method and system for effectively capturing a selfie of a user without moving the user’s head/face in the direction of a camera of a mobile device. The method enables the user to continue looking at a display screen of the selfie camera device for reselecting a required direction of the head/face from the display screen of the mobile device by employing hand/finger gestures/movements. In accordance with the method and system, a plurality of cameras are installed on the front side of the mobile device, enabling each of the plurality of cameras to focus on the user’s face from different directions/angles, while capturing a selfie. Figure 1 illustrates the method of capturing a selfie by using hand/finger gesture directions made at the backside of the mobile device.

Figure 1 As illustrated in Figure 1, the method and system further includes using a user’s finger/hand gesture direction at the backside of the mobile device as input for selecting the required direction of the camera feed while capturing a selfie. The backside of the mobile device includes a plurality of touch sensors enabling mapping of the direction of finger/hand movement to appropriate camera feed. The method and system further employs contextual analysis and user’s profile/preferences for providing recommendations about appropriate direction of camera feed to capture a user desired selfie. Figure 2 illustrates the method of capturing...