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Method and System for Skill based Learning for Culinary Instruction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252807D
Publication Date: 2018-Feb-13
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Method and System for Skill based Learning for Culinary Instruction

Disclosed is a method and system that utilizes visual image processing to extract skill based performance data and food information to augment cooking experience and to ensure that culinary skills are being learned properly. The method and system performs advanced analytics to provide detailed skills assessment for an individual cooking session and temporal analysis. The method and system also provides feedback to assist users interested in improving culinary skills by monitoring the kitchen environment via multiple means. Furthermore, the method and system uses machine learning and crowdsourcing to improve recommendations and feedback, and can further integrate with other smart home devices. Also, the method and system enables trending of data (and collective supporting decisions) versus the results of the cooking experience outcome obtained for each unique cooking experience/session. Various use cases of the method and system are as follows. The method and system provides a beginner instruction interface. For example, if a user is new to cooking, and wants to improve the basic cooking skills, but wants the flexibility of doing it in the user’s own home, but more interactive and customized. Further the method and system provides skill based monitoring. For example, if a user is an experienced home cook, but longs for the convenience and advanced skills afforded by visual image processing in the kitchen. Further, a professional instruction based interface experience is provided for multiple users. For example, if a user is a manager of vocational culinary school, and wants to provide students more personalized feedback which is challenging in large classes with limited access to an instructor. Further, the user can have a "smart kitchen" enabled with the method and system to teach skills to cooking students. In accordance with various embodiments, the method and system enables a single user to experience the augmented cooking and improve cooking skills, provides dynamic feedback simultaneously to multiple users, where industrial kitchens, culinary schools, or home economics programs have multiple individuals who benefit from the skill based teaching capabilities afforded. Further, the method and system determines a user's level of expertise. The method and system monitors methods applied for cooking (for example, knife skills) and adjusts the level of granularity shared for instructions and/or types of terms used. Crowdsourcing is then used to compare expertise levels and provide a confidence ranking as to what steps/instructions will be useful to the chef/user. Also, the method and system provides visual instructions via alternate devices and filters/sorts search results based on skill level. The method and system feeds skill level data to search engines and websites that provide recipes to prioritize/sort/filter based on what will be within a user’s skill level. Also, the u...