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Method and System for Mobile Payment Card Selection Using Smart Watch Finger Gestures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000252823D
Publication Date: 2018-Feb-14
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Method and System for Mobile Payment Card Selection Using Smart Watch Finger Gestures

Mobile payment solutions enable a user to make a payment using a credit, debit, or gift card using their mobile device. Mobile payments options such as Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) mobile payment are the most prevailing payment options available these days. In both of these payment solutions, a user first selects a payment card to use on the screen of a mobile device. For example a user may have registered Card 1, Card 2, Card 3, and gift cards in the mobile device wallet. The user must select an appropriate card to use. However, this process is both cumbersome and insecure. For instance, by showing all registered payment cards on a mobile device, people in the vicinity of the mobile device can see which payment card is being used for a given transaction, and see what other payment cards are registered on the mobile device. Also, the user must select the most appropriate payment card for the transaction. The user is not provided guidance as to which card is appropriate to use in a given situation. For example if the remaining balance on one card is insufficient to complete the transaction or not accepted at the store, or if a particular card is offering a promotion at a given store. Therefore, there is a need of a method and system that enables a secure and efficient selection of a payment option on a mobile device. Disclosed is a method and system for mobile payment card selection using smart watch finger gestures. As illustrated in Figure 1, the method and system enables a user to assign finger gestures to payment cards in a mobile wallet. The method and system employs known- art to sense movement of finger muscles through a wristband which are used to detect finger gestures.

Figure 1

Accordingly, the method and system tracks movements of a user's fingers through motion sensing in the band of a smart watch of the user for ident...