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Method and System for Stress Surfacing and Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253195D
Publication Date: 2018-Mar-13
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Method and System for Stress Surfacing and Management

Disclosed is a method and system for analyzing different stresses experienced by a user over a period of time by virtue of an e-cigarette. The method and system correlates stressful times and non-stressful times as measured by the e-cigarette to associated and probable triggers and associated calming factors. Further, the method and system enables/prevents/delays or raises awareness of those positive and negative triggers through dynamic rescheduling of breaks, meetings, meal times, meal content, tasks and other digital or non-digital interactions. The method and system also provides dynamic mixing of the e-cigarette material based on the current stress hormone level in combination with the measurement/prediction of stress hormone release. For example, if the calendar shows a meeting with multiple people, deriving to potentially higher stress level, the method and system takes an action to increase/decrease the content in the e-cigarette. In accordance with an embodiment, the headset or e-cigarette is merged with a cortisol (stress hormone) analyzer which uses saliva or saliva vapor from the human. The headset or e-cigarette is further integrated with a wireless transmitter such as, but not limited to, Bluetooth, Infrared or Wi-Fi, to transfer a diagnostic graphic to a smart device such as, but not limited to, a smartphone, to complete the cortisol analysis. FIGURE 1 illustrates a CortiCig and a CortiHeadset (e-cigarette allied with the smartphone) employed for measuring stress levels of a user, in accordance with the method and system.


On a regular basis, “CortiCig” or “CortiHeadset” records information about the stressors and non-stressors experienced, so that an application on the smartphone analyzes these stresses and manages the stresses. In accordance with the method and system, different stresses experienced by a user over a period of time are analyzed by monitoring certain parameters. The parameters monitored by the e-cigarette include, but is not limited to, date and time of a cortisol entry, an associated cortisol level, most recent stressful event/non-stressful event experienced, happiness level, effectiveness/efficiency level and the probable cause of the stress event. The method and system is further configured to compute a baseline based on data derived from similar organization/social grouping. The analysis performed by the method and system further includes analyzing most frequent stressors, destressors and associated pleasant/unpleasant events to a user for inferring areas of focus for the user. Additionally, the method and system baselines the way an individual user responds to frequent stressors and destressors. Considering an example, wherein user A experiences a facial tic in addition to a rise in blood pressure when stressed as opposed to user B experiencing a rise in blood pressure. The method and system correlates stressful and non-stressful times as measur...