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Method For Recommending Target System Parameters In An IDE when Programming for a Non-native Device. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253199D
Publication Date: 2018-Mar-13
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Method for Recommending Target System Parameters in An IDE when Programming for a Non-native Device

Today's Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) used for developing software/scripts lack a link between the editor and the target environment. For example, when programming for Android*, a developer must manually determine which version of Android the target device is running. Moving past software, sometimes a developer must also determine the hardware on which the target device is running (e.g., the Central Processing Unit (CPU) architecture or a camera that a device may have). Manually determining the hardware/software of the target device is time consuming and not always so straightforward. In the instance in which the developer wrongfully determines the target environment's software/hardware, it could lead to programs that either do not work or are damaging to the target device. Ultimately, when a program does not work, more time is wasted.

In another example, when writing batch Job Control Language (JCL) for the mainframes, a user frequently must be aware of the target environment in terms of what volume serials are on the system and which storage class is defined. Often, when writing a JCL script, substantial time is spent between querying volumes and producing the script. If a wrong volume serial is used, then a thirty-minute JCL batch job set to run at the end of the day could end catastrophically. Even when the user is aware of the system environments, typographical errors can occur.

For a source editor to be aware of the target system variables and recommend parameters, it can save the developer a lot of time in terms of writing code and the overall development process.

Most of today's IDEs, such as Eclipse* and NetBean...