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Smart method of purchasing goods conveniently across different countries or regions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253200D
Publication Date: 2018-Mar-14
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Smart method of purchasing goods conveniently across different countries or regions


When buyer needs to purchase goods from other countries rather than their own countries, they may need to meet the challenge of foreign language when selecting products. Usually buyer need to remember the specific product name and the characteristics written on the packing box in foreign language. It will be difficult to find out the correct goods in the shopping mall oversea without the assistance from the shopping guide.

Summary: This disclosure provides one method that the system could generate one shopping list. User inputs the goods native info and target country, then the system will search goods info in the target countries' online stores and extract the keywords. The system will record the goods info in the target foreign language. When all the goods info are well collected and extracted, this system will generate the shopping list. When the user arrives in the target counties, she/he uses the mobile application to scan the goods in the shopping mall. The system will extract the key info from scanned images and compare the goods info with that stored info in the database. If they are matched (eg, the similar rate is higher than 80%), the application will prompt that the user gets the right goods. Claim point:

1> User sets the target country 2> User inputs the goods info: goods name, keywords and so on. 3>System searches countries list and online store list 4> System search...