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Flamenco® Summit Indigo I80H Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253568D
Publication Date: 2018-Apr-12

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Flamenco® Summit Indigo I80H is an effect pigment composed of titanium dioxide and silica coated on a natural mica substrate. This pigment delivers a chromatic, bright indigo interference color. The average particle size of 19 µm results in a lustrous appearance of the pigment and a high coverage in application. The pigment is ideal in applications where high chromaticity and lightness is desired. This product, and others that may be developed in the future, typically consist of combinations of titanium dioxide and silica coated onto platelets of mica or borosilicate in various ratios. They could potentially be used in a broad range of cosmetic applications, including color cosmetics and personal care. Attached are a number of formulations demonstrating the use of Flamenco® Summit Indigo I80H. These examples are not meant to be limiting in any way, and one skilled in the art will readily find many other applications and combinations of cosmetic ingredients, colorants, and the above disclosed pigment.