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Modular pallet

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253598D
Publication Date: 2018-Apr-16
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Modular pallet

Manufactured articles are frequently transported or stored on pallets. This may take the form of piling up or stacking bulk batches of elements onto pallets. Or it may take the form of a single item on a pallet or perhaps a few items, say two, three four or more. The use of pallets allows for easy handling and provides support to the articles. In some cases, a flat pallet may be used. Where an article has an irregular shape, a flat pallet may be supplemented by adding props or shims under certain parts of an article to provide adequate support to the article. Modular pallets are also known, e.g. from US6234987 or US5921189A. Accordingly, a pallet’s size may be adjusted or made up to the relevant size of an article to be transported or stored. In particular, sub-elements of a pallet may be fitted together to form a larger pallet. These sub-elements may be re-used, possibly by dismantling the pallet at its point of arrival, and returning batched-up sub-elements. The sub-elements may then be recombined into new pallets of a required size and re-used. It is also known to add modular wheel units to pallets or modular pallets. In general, pallets of different size can be made up from standard sub-elements. Now it is proposed to provide a modular pallet arrangement allowing not only to selectively configure a pallet’s size and shape in a horizontal plane, but also to vary the height of the pallet, selectively across the pallet’s surface area. This may be achieved by...