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2 Piece Decorative Automotive Radome Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253642D
Publication Date: 2018-Apr-19
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James Shurish: INVENTOR [+3]


Decorative automotive radomes have issues with durability due to condensation buildup inside of the assembly as well as corrosion and discoloration of decorative surfaces. The invention consists of a 2 piece automotive radome having improved durability. Utilizing a semiconductor vacuum coating applied to the back surface of a front cover, durability can be improved. The arrangement of the decoration hides condensation buildup. The semiconductor coating is also resistant to corrosion and discoloration.

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2-Piece Decorative Automotive Radome

Automotive radomes utilize a multilayer construction to achieve an acceptable appearance and radar signal transparency. Our invention consists of a 2-piece construction having a visually transparent injection molded front cover and an opaque injection molded backplate with a decoration layer(s) applied in-between. The cover may be comprised of transparent materials such as PC or PMMA resins and the backplate may be comprised of opaque materials such as PC, ASA, AES, ABS, or TPO resins. The front plastic cover includes recesses in the shape of a logo or other recognizable 3-dimensional shape on its back surface. On the back of this cover, a decoration may be applied. The decoration may be comprised of a vapor deposited semiconductor material such as silicon or germanium which mimics a metallic surface appearance while still minimizing radar signal loss. The decoration may also be comprised of paints, inks, or films that add color to achieve the intended appearance. The decoration steps may include masking to achieve the desired appearance and may utilize manufacturing techniques such as pad printing, painting, inkjet printing, in-mold decoration, insert mold decoration, hot stamping, or other decoration methods. The backplate is then positioned behind the front cover. To minimize radar signal loss, recessed shape features on the back of the front cover are matched by protruding shapes on the front of the backplate. This backplate can be fi...