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Gas Pump Vin Scan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000253946D
Publication Date: 2018-May-16
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Gas Pump Vin Scan Vehicle manufacturers often release vehicle recall notices (e.g., phone calls, letters, etc.) to notify owners of safety issues, new emissions standards to meet, etc. The owner is responsible for responding to the recall notice and updating or repairing the vehicle. However, many people do not respond, which can create a hazard on the roads when people are driving cars that have known problems. No systems or methods exist that ensures that people fix or upgrade a vehicle based on recalls. Governments need a way to enforce car fitness rules and laws to ensure the protection of both people and the environment. The solution utilizes existing Vehicle Identification Number (vin) scanning technologies to scan a vin while the vehicle is stopped at a gas pump. Because the vin accesses the vehicle’s history, the novel system can identify whether a vehicle is up-to-date on required maintenance. If the vehicle is not compliant, then the system notifies the user at the gas pump. To implement this solution:

1. Vehicle owner arrives at a gas station to pump gas 2. To activate any of the pump’s buttons (e.g., select payment method, gas grade,

etc.) the owner must first use the provided scanner to input the car's vin number 3. Following the vin scan, the system identifies the associated vehicle’s history 4. The system identifies any instances of noncompliance with manufacturer recall

notices or other regulations (e.g., there is a recall, but no record of the vehicle having...