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System and Method for Usage of Regular Expressions in Email Distribution Lists Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254456D
Publication Date: 2018-Jun-29
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System and Method for Usage of Regular Expressions in Email Distribution Lists.


• We generally use email Distribution Lists(DL) to send out an email to a group of users within a social community or an organization.

• We know the name of DL but may / may not know the list of users comprised in the DL. • We want to make effective use of DL’s to decrease manual listing of users in certain cases like

– A Release manager wants to send out an external communication to the clients about the upcoming outage of their application for maintenance purpose, he just came to know that a client is leaving the organization and he doesn’t want to send this email to that specific client. He has no enough privileges to update DL and he doesn’t know the list of customer E-mails.

– A New Local manager wants to send an email to the people who are working only in INDIA, but he knows only a DL which comprises of people working around the globe.

– I want to invite limited number of people in a Google+( any social networking which contains people around the globe) based on their location. Like either they are from INDIA/China.

– I want to invite my colleagues to an event excluding managers. By analyzing the content, system should suggest to remove any other managers existing in the DL.


• In certain cases, when we intend to filter few users from the known DL we may follow any of the following procedures 1. Need to update the existing DL a. we may not have enough privileges b. we may...