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Method of detection and correction of unnatural eye lenses appearance on video Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254560D
Publication Date: 2018-Jul-11
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In the movies, when actors are using colored eye lenses it may give unnatural look - eyes look like glass balls with artificial “creepy” feeling. Additionally, very often eye lenses are not correctly placed. In such situation actor looks like as they cannot see or have squint.

Eyes on Video Frames correction algorithm Difference between eye without eye lens and with eye lens is shown on eye_pic_1


1. Human faces detection Detect all faces on frame using any face detection algorithm. For each face detected go to (2). 2. Determine if the eyes in the detected face have colored eye lenses applied Using face feature points find: - centers of irises - centers of pupils - highest and lowest point of each eye - corners of each eye


Place lines as shown on eye_pic_2. This will create three points: - A - centre of eye - B - centre of iris - C - centre of pupils Now, create line ‘k’ which goes through A and B. Create line ‘a’ which goes through A and is perpendicular to ‘k’. Create line ‘b’ which goes through B and is perpendicular to ‘k’. If C is not between ‘a’ and ‘b’ then it means that actor is wearing eye lenses. 3. Prepare iris model - Iris taken from frames should be transformed and flattened, then applied on 3d sphere - model of eye. This is time to correct pupil / iris border, eye ball, etc., remove reflections, detect light directions and apply new reflections as shown on eye_pic_3 and eye_pic_4.

Eye pic_3:


4. Prepare location and angles of iris...