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An system and method of intelligent traffic light timer control in large region

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254573D
Publication Date: 2018-Jul-12
Document File: 5 page(s) / 63K

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An system and method of intelligent traffic light timer control in large region

This disclosure introduces a feedback control system which controls traffic lights control time and input traffic target status. This disclosure is able to adjust and control traffic lights for each individual cross-road to make each cross-road in good status of traffic communication. Also adjust traffic lights of one cross-road according status of related cross-roads to achieve best traffic status in a large region. Claim points of this disclosure: 1. A feedback control system is adopted to collect real-time traffic status and adjust the desired/best traffic light time. 2. This disclosure controls both individual cross-road and all cross-road in a given region. The feedback control system contains two parts: 1) inner-part controls the traffic status of a given cross-road, each cross-road is control be a inner-loop; 2) outer-loop which controls the whole traffic status in the given region. Bother inner-loop and outer-loop are consume the current traffic communication status. The outer-loop controls distinguish the busy cross-roads and calculate the relationship between cross-road to output adjust data for each inner-loop. For inner-part control system, It contains below parts: 1). It collects the traffic status of each road. A few methods can be used to measure traffic jam status: using traffic sensors or camera, to monitor traffic status; using big data from bus, taxi or cars; using GPS collect and analyze traffic status... For busy roads, cameras are already widely used and will more and more used in a lot of countries. These infrastructure methods make the method and system of this disclosure be practical. 2) For each cross-road, for this disclosure, there are a prev-defined sets of traffic collecting status and prev-defined traffic lights. Beside prev-defined traffic control method, this disclosure also handles the dynamic changed traffic control method which can be used to adjust the prev-defined control method. For below example: A1 A2 | ^ | | | | B2 <------------------------- D1 B1 -------------------------> D2 | | | | v | C2 C1 For this typical cross-road, there are a few directions need to be monitor and need to be control. A simple method, two sets of traffic status need to be collected, and traffic lights need to be controlled: - one set is : traffic status on road B(B1,B2) - C(C1,C2)

- another set is: traffic status on road A(A1,A2) - D(D1,D2) The two sets of traffic status are control by a set of traffic lights. lights for A-C (for simple, just two major light are described here: green and red) and lights for B-D; Green on A-C binds with Red on B-D; Red on A-C binds with Green on B-D. Another common used method: traffic directions include: - A1 - C2; - B1 - D2; - C1 - A2; - D1 - B2 - A1 - B2; - B1 - C2; - C1 - D2; - D1 - A2 - A1 - D2; - B1 - A2; - C1 - B2; - D1 - C2 A low efficient method could be: traffic communication can only happen in one directio...