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Dieting with Artificial Intelligence Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254580D
Publication Date: 2018-Jul-12
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Dieting with Artificial Intelligence

People of all fitness levels with varying goals need practical dieting advice/coaching to meet short and long-term dietary goals. As people achieve program goals or miss specific objectives, people need a new plan to adjust to what is working.

The novel solution is a system that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a customized diet program that adjusts to the user.

The initial inputs are the user’s short-term and long-term dietary goals, current fitness level, current dietary questions, and dietary preferences. The system uses cognitive computing to generate an initial diet plan customized for the user. As the user achieves goals, the system gathers feedback from the user. Based on user feedback, the system use gamification techniques and in-app incentives as the user progresses. As the user progresses by achieving goals or missing objectives, the system adjusts the dietary program, suggesting new meal plans and modifying goals to keep the user engaged.