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A method to share Shopping Choice Profile with your connections Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254890D
Publication Date: 2018-Aug-10
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A method to share Shopping Choice Profile with your connections.


There would be a need to buy items for family or friends for purpose of gifting or to meet family needs. Usually the buyer (user of eCommerce site/ app) needs to know the details of the recipient (size, brand specific details etc.) and usually being done over voice communication or email or message. This is time consuming and error prone as details may be missing or not retained by the concerned person.

Proposed Method: In this article, we are proposing to share “Shopping Choice Profile” to friends or family

members easily and securely that could be applied, and user would get a more relevant

set of search results instead of sharing information using other methods as above and

then applying filter manually. This avoids incorrect choice of shopping when you buy on

eCommerce site on behalf of your friends or family members.

Shopping Choice Profile for users is created automatically or manually that helps in easy

filtering of shopping items in an E-commerce scenario – based on users buying habit and

history, profile(s) of buyers or others related to buyers are created. These profiles contain

information about buyer’s preference for color, brand, style, size etc. are applied

automatically to filter out search results in a shopping portal. Current proposal uses the

mentioned method to achieve the solution.

Several advantages could be accrued using the proposed method here:

• Digital sharing of shopper’s profile instead of manual process

• Efficient in terms of time and number of clicks

• Return reduction for merchants due to better match

Working of the system:

Let us say User A is buying merchandise for User B...