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A method to prevent and fix broken bookmarks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254892D
Publication Date: 2018-Aug-10
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A method to prevent and fix broken bookmarks ABSTRACT: The invention is a method to prevent broken bookmarks by saving the search key words when saving the document resource location for the bookmark, also it can fix the broken bookmark if resource location changed, by searching the key words in server or internet. Background:

1.Bookmarks may become invalid due to URL changes or deleted from WWW.

2.Searching correct key words in WWW can find same/similar page.


Disclosed is a method to generate accurate search key words for a document, and a

method to fix broken bookmarks using the search key words.

When add a new bookmark, not only save the document resource's location, for

example URL for a web page, but also generate a search key words according to the

content of the document, so that when search the document in a search engine, it can

return this document on top(or tolerable top results). The search key words will be used

to search the same or similar document once the document's location changed or

disappeared in some day in future.

To make the search key words accurate enough to find the current document, the key

words should satisfy 4 conditions:

a). Two whole sentences;

b). The words number of each sentence must be greater than 12;

c). If condition cannot be satisfied, choose 25 contiguous words instead.

d). The keywords should contain double quotation marks.

To verify the search key words is ideal as expected, should search the key words by

programming with...