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A Method for Search Engine Search Result Changes Subscription and Analyze Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254893D
Publication Date: 2018-Aug-10
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A Method for Search Engine Search Result Changes Subscription and Analyze 1. Core idea: This invention presents a method which enables search engine remember end-users search keywords, different time search result and analyze different times' search results.

• Subscribe user's search keywords

• Save search result as a baseline

• Analyze differences between different search time, highlight search result changes, such as ranking, new search result etc.

2. Advantage:

• User can use totally same search keyword in different search time

• Search engine proactively pushes the result changes to user once it has changes occurred

• Search engine analyze and highlight the search result changes to help user improve efficiency

3. Claim Points

• Search engine search keyword and associated search result subscription

• Search engine search result deep analyze

4. Description

• The proposed proactively protection method can be implemented in three components below:

• (1) User inputs search keywords in search engine and click to get search result; • (2) User subscribes the search keywords and associated search results, search

engine saves such information as a baseline for further use; • (3) Search engine crawler uses saved user subscription keywords, search result

baseline to check if search results changes found; • (4) If search result has changes, analyze the search result changes, such as

ranking changes, new displayed web pages matches the search keywords etc. and update the search result...