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Improved Binder Dispersion and Reduced Blow-Line Fouling in The Manufacture of Polymeric MDI Based Composite Wood Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000254961D
Publication Date: 2018-Aug-16

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Karl W. Haider
Tim McCracken David Bailey Eric Boonstra


Converting from Urea-formaldehyde (UF) to polymeric MDI (pMDI) binders for the manufacture of composite wood proudcts offers several advantages. These include the ability to use lower binder levels, along with improved mechanical properties and moisture resistance and reduced formaldehyde emissions of the finished product. However, the switch from UF to pMDI binder may introduce some challenges in terms of blending and increased fouling of the blow-line, where mixing of wood fiber and binder occurs. Described in this invention are several methods to improve binder dispersion on the wood fibers and reduce fouling of the blow line. These improvements are achieved by reducing the size of the binder dosing nozzle, using a blow-line pipe with internal or external bevels at the outlet to the dryer, or mechanical cleaning devices to the inside or outside of the blow-line pipe. Any of these modifications can be used alone or combination with one another.