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Modular gauging apparatus for dimensional inspection of shafts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255116D
Publication Date: 2018-Aug-31

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Heavy shafts are currently being inspected by specific gauges/CMM to evaluate various parameters like Straightness, Runout, Total runout, Circularity, Cylindricity and positions of lubricating holes. Such inspection processes are time consuming and requires special skills and expensive measuring system. The existing gauges were manufactured to measure individual parameter only. Inspection of all parameters for variable data was possible either on a CMM or a Form Tester and both are expensive. Also, 100% inspection will not be possible with the existing instruments A proposed gauging solution can check multiple parameters like Roundness (Circularity), Runout (Circular and Total Runout), Straightness (Unit Straightness and overall straightness), Positions of side holes (Lubricating holes), diameter (as a comparable measurement) on a shaft in one single setup. Setup.