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Cognitive Word Cloud (Watson Capable Word Frequency Analysis) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255291D
Publication Date: 2018-Sep-14
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Cognitive Word Cloud (Word Frequency Analysis) Free form data is difficult to analyze in any consistent and scalable way. Keyword extraction is one method in current use, and word cloud technology is one effective way of visualizing keyword data. However, current word cloud technology only goes so far. Keyword Clouds are a very one-dimensional and limited view, as keyword output correlates with nothing other than frequency of occurrence. A method is needed to extract deeper correlation and, through identifying patterns in data, understand the underlying intent behind a user’s feedback. Current consumer-based net promoter score software does not include a product that uses a graph and integrates cognitive based technology. The proposed solution adds cognitive capabilities to the fundamental word cloud technology to enhance insight extraction by integrating available word analysis tools on the market, and combining those tools in such a way as to visualize, within a current word cloud framework, a new level of data insights. The novel solution uses Natural Language Classifiers, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Extraction, and Tone Analysis based on existing software. Using this new proposed technology on any free form data input is a novel idea; however, applying it specifically to Net Promoter Score free form data, adds yet another layer of data insight. This word cloud allows users to render data inputs in a cloud-based format on the vertical and horizontal axis based on multiple...