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Context-Based Permissions to Control Access to Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255320D
Publication Date: 2018-Sep-17

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Users commonly provide permissions to software applications running on their personal computing devices to access data stored on their devices. Context-based permissions and controls are described that enable users to directly make decisions about data access by software applications in the context of ongoing user activity. The user context and permissions are persistent, and applied to other devices of the user. Data that are produced by various services are packaged into entities, and access is granted or denied to applications one entity at a time, rather than to a service that generates the data entities. With user permission, a record of past user activities is maintained by the operating system. The record is made available for inspection by the user and utilized as a template for future permissions. Past interactions are utilized, and interpretation or corrective action is performed upon permission from the user. For ease of interaction, such permission may be obtained, e.g., at initial setup, and is modifiable. KEYWORDS ● Permission ● User experience ● Data access ● Permission granularity ● Container ● Operating system