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Code Assisted Interference Cancellation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255374D
Publication Date: 2018-Sep-20

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In interference cancellation algorithms, signals from multiple antennas are combined is such a way as to spatially steer the composite receive array response in a particular direction. It does this to tradeoff the gain from the desired signal while trying to minimize the gain for interfering signals. Calculating the complex antenna combining weights relies on accurate channel estimates to do a good job of suppressing the interference. Channel estimation is done from embedded syncs or pilot symbols in the communication channel. These are known symbols transmitted interspersed between data symbols. If better channel estimates can be obtained, it will result in better interference suppression performance. Toward that end, this invention exploits the forward error correction (FEC) coding present in most digital communication systems to get additional channel estimates from data symbols in addition to sync or pilot symbols to be used in calculating antenna weights. General background for adaptive arrays can be found in [1].