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Personnel Safety Monitoring in a Well Construction Workplace Using Automated Tracking Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255386D
Publication Date: 2018-Sep-21

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At the broadest level, this disclosure includes means for: (1) the real-time automated detection and tracking of the physical location of personnel; (2) interfaces to systems that manage the operating equipment of an industrial facility that includes a zone management safety system to protect different pieces of equipment from colliding; (3) extension of this zone management system to include personnel; (4) identifying when objects are in "safe" locations ("green light"), approaching danger ("yellow light"), or imminent danger ("red light"); and (5) intervening to prevent an incident by diverting equipment to an alternate path or state that avoids the detected incident. Lookahead prediction should be sufficient to permit intervention when necessary, wherein the system identifies a likely collision scenario and takes active steps to intervene based on knowledge of the human's location and calculated trajectory. The system shall recognize the predictability of the human and address with appropriate uncertainty estimates.