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System and method for cognitive Behavioral Insights in Child Care settings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255720D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-11
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System and Method for Cognitive Behavioural Insights in Child Care Settings

In a setting with multiple children being monitored by few adults the child to care

taker ratio changes depending on the organization and the age of the child. Situations

arise where there are actions and activities that can be performed to reduce the risk

of children behaving badly, being bored or isolated and finding trouble makers. A

monitoring system that helps administrators, care givers and teachers work better with

the group of children in the environment would be beneficial. Child who is pinching

and causing the problems to other child/children, wounding and hurting other

child/children will eventually cause bad reputation to day care organization and

parents as well. By being with bad child/children, the good child will learn bad

behaviours. To eliminate above listed problems this child care behavioural insights

innovative solution will help solve the problems by facial recognition and algorithms to

identify the behavioural actions of a child so that the day care management can take

the corrective actions.

The core idea of this invention is to isolate sections of the room for activity with

both care taker and children with the artefacts and items and actions. Perform visual

analysis of each designated areas and the individuals in that area and the number of

individuals and their proximity including voice and sound for specific areas. For each

area designated expected behaviour and correlate voice, sounds, actions, facial

expressions and whether there is supervision and non-supervision being performed

with the action. For each designated section, whether it is reading, playing with toys,

writing on a board or using an educational toy, confirm expected actions and correlate

with facial recognition of mood and voice. Correlate and score the type of activities

that they match an expected behaviour and with whom and based on this information

include corrective suggestions to the care takers. Benefits of this disclosure: To make

day care more safe and high transparency for every parent and this System and

method for cognitive B...