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Method and System for Dynamic Management of Emails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255726D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-11
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Method and System for Dynamic Management of Emails Disclosed is a method and system for dynamic management of emails. The method and system performs automatic processing such as collating, filing, deleting or routing of an email through a combination of user specified and cognitive assisted actions applied to the email. The system performs cognitive analysis of the emails received by a user. The system analyses the email content, subject, body, and distribution of the email. The system also analyses the user’s actions such as delete, and move to folder. Moving on, the system designates topic clusters based on the analysis. Accordingly, the system tags each of the emails based on a topic cluster. In an embodiment, a user applies tags to one or more emails. Finally, the system groups the emails based on the tagging. The system uses topic clusters to correlate emails with other tagged emails, un-tagged emails and folders. Overtime, the system learns using cognitive analysis, patterns of the user’s behavior based on the analysis and the tagging. The system stores learned behavior results. Thereafter, as and when emails are received, the system automatically tags/ processes the emails taking into account past or learned behavior. The system manages the emails based on the user’s specified preferences for improving the accuracy of filing through cognitive techniques. Accordingly, the system processes filing requests or scheduled actions (such as file to folder, archive, delete, pr...