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Server Rack With "Airpost" System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255727D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-11
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Server Rack With "Airpost" System In a data center, server racks might require cooling that oriented from both the front and the back in the same rack. Standard racks cannot easily accomplish this task. The novel contribution is a design for server racks in data centers that allows better cooling. The core novelty is the inclusion of an airpost that enables easy air distribution to any area in the front or back of the rack. The air intake for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is at the top of the rack (this is standard 8" piping, normally used in data center HVAC pipes). Inside the rack, this splits into four metal air channels, or airposts, each one going to the top of a post mounted to each corner. These are the ports. Air flows from the top of these posts to the bottom, with a door each one quarter of the way that can be opened to direct air flow. If a door is open, then pressure in the post allows air to flow out the open door(s); doors that are closed stay closed using magnets to hold the doors sealed in place, so that the air pressure inside the post does not open the doors. Four doors are on each post, and each can be independently opened/closed. No air return is needed, as the heated air flow is ejected from the back of the machines and out of the rack the same way it would with normal piping (no change is required to the data center for air return). These could be easily added as an upgrade to existing data centers, simply by moving the pi...