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System and Method to Enable Content-Driven Enrichment of Educational Content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255765D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-12
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System and Method to Enable Content-Driven Enrichment of

Educational Content


Educational text involves description/explanation of technical content intended

to be understood by the target demographic. However, in the absence of

domain knowledge it is imperative to define key concepts and their relationship

for correct interpretation for general viewers. We propose a content-driven

educational enrichment framework which adds to the existing content with

additional information sourced from an external knowledge base.

Disclosed in this article is a system and method to enable contentdriven

enrichment of educational content.

Prior Art

Keyword Based Systems: The recommender systems typically associate

additional resources based on the keyword analysis of the educational content.

• Structure Based Systems: These systems analyze the different structures

such as article in-links and out-links from external knowledge base to

recommend additional information.

• Language Based Systems: These systems analyse domain specific language

found in educational content to recommend additional information from external

knowledge base.

None of these systems address the problem of educational content enrichment

that is domain independent and performs analysis beyond simple keyword-

based analysis.


We summarize the different aspects of the system below

1. System and Method to enrich the educational content with the concept details:

• System and Method to Extract relevant concepts f...