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System and Method for Cognitive Uptime Detection of Hybrid Cloud Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000255767D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-12
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System and Method for Cognitive Uptime Detection of Hybrid Cloud


Cloud Brokerage is all about integrating the Public and Hybrid clouds and

providing as uniform platform to customers to provision resources on any of the

Public/ Private Clouds. Here publicly available API's are used for performing

the actions on cloud provider portal.

The problem identified in this context: There are situations where the cloud

provider API's are down for some reason. What if the cloud provider API's are

changed or deprecated? Cloud Brokerage service calls fails and need to spend

time in debugging if the failure is related to cloud brokerage service or related

to the cloud provider API.

History: There have been documented instances with the Cloud Brokerage

Service when the Public Cloud APIs (AWS/Azure) are modified without any

intimation and users get to know about this when the failures are seen in the

Cloud Brokerage Service.

This article talks about uptime detection of the public cloud services and

handling it from the Cloud brokerage service. This method will enable

developers to detect the public cloud service issues and handle it gracefully.

As depicted in the diagram below, an agent placed on the Cloud Brokerage

Solution would monitor the API Uptime based on a polling configuration. This

could be done by making pseudo calls to the Cloud Provider but not incurring

actual cost while making these calls. This way the uptime of the Services on

the Public Cloud can be determined even before the call from the Cloud Broker

is made. In the event of the Public/Private Cloud Service being down, the agent

can notify or set a Error Flag on the Cloud Broker , which can be used by the

Cloud Broker to communicate the appropriate error to the users.

This would enable the Broker / Users to know the cause of any failures on the

Public/ Private Cloud Providers and sa...