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A Ball seat that when fully shifted - opens up to internally release the ball through itself Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256040D
Publication Date: 2018-Oct-31

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A ball seat consisting of a housing (that has slots cut into the lower OD), a ring (to serve as the "face" of the seat for pressure containment), and two or more seat inserts that are allowed to pivot. The seat inserts pivot in a way that they are able to meet one another and protrude just beyond the ID of the face ring. These split seat inserts are also able to swing away from one another and give enough clearance for a ball to pass through. The split inserts each have a spring that keeps them biased toward one another (to facilitate catching the ball) but also have a long body arm or other tripping mechanism that protrudes through the ball seat housing. The body arm protrusions ride in accompanying slots that are cut into the ID of the frac sleeve housing. At the fully shifted distance of the frac sleeve, the body arm protrusions encounter a shifting profile in the frac sleeve that causes the two inserts to pivot away from one another. The sleeve is then locked into position with the ball seat "tooth" removed and the associated ball - free to pass below