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Method and System for Validation Emotions Associated with Sender/Recipient Responses Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256173D
Publication Date: 2018-Nov-08
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Method and System for Validation Emotions Associated with Sender/Recipient Responses

Disclosed is a method and system for keeping track of a user’s emotions across multiple conversations and proactively analysing the user’s responses to ensure that an emotion associated with a response to a conversation appropriately aligns with the emotion of the conversation. The system also triggers alerts and recommended actions based on the context and the user’s environment. Consider a scenario, wherein a user is engaged in multiple conversations (across multiple communication channels). There may be a scenario, where the user is experiencing different emotions (such fun, anger, sorrow, aggressive) on each of these conversations. As the user goes about interacting with each of these conversation threads, the system also determines emotions of other people engaged or mentioned in the conversation. System employs NLP and other clues such as emoticons, emojis, graphics, video, audio files and stickers for determining emotional tone. While a user composes a response for a particular conversation (for a recipient), the system analyses the response for deriving an emotion/mood associated with the response. In an embodiment, the system deactivates “send” option and/or mute the speakers for disabling sending of any response prior to validating the emotion a response. At this stage, the system identifies if the emotion associated with the user’s response aligns with the conversation’s emotion (...