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Method for Performing Metallization of Hybrid Back End of Line (BEOL) Structures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256175D
Publication Date: 2018-Nov-08
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Method for Performing Metallization of Hybrid Back End of Line (BEOL) Structures

Metals that are less sensitive to sidewall scattering are paired with thin barriers having a lower resistivity than copper (Cu) at very narrow critical dimensions when dimensions of interconnect are shrieked. There exists a need for enabling a two-metal filling in a single step without any additional patterning steps. Disclosed is a method for performing metallization of Back End of Line (BEOL) structures. The method proposes deposition of a Cu metal and an alternative metal within single plating deposition step by using a two-component plating electrolyte element paired with an appropriate waveform. The method performs the deposition step by using difference in equilibrium electrochemical potentials for two different metal ion species. In accordance with the method, electrodeposition of multilayer alloy films is implemented by using pulsed deposition from a bath with two metal ion species. Accordingly, the method alternates electrode bias between two potentials, wherein both metal layers are deposited at one potential while only more noble species layer is deposited at less cathodic potential. The layers deposited at more cathodic biases are composed of the less noble metal due to very low concentration of the more noble metal ion species. And the layers deposited at less cathodic biases comprise only the noble metal. Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary scenario of two-metal deposition steps. T...