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Method and System for Planning Trip Meals for Travelers with Special Requirements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256179D
Publication Date: 2018-Nov-09
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Method and System for Planning Trip Meals for Travelers with Special RequirementsOne of the most challenging aspects of planning a trip with children or travelers with dietary restrictions, either due to personal or medical reasons, is the planning and packing of sufficient snacks/meals. Often, travelers can inadvertently miss some details, leaving them frustrated, hungry, or overspending their budget. Disclosed is a method and system for enabling travelers to prepare sufficient meals/snacks based on specific dietary requirements for a trip. To begin with, the system retrieves individual profile for each traveler, specifying personal dietary restrictions such as almond instead of cow milk, medical conditions such as diabetes and special needs. To system also retrieves trip information such as travel itinerary, mode of transportation, the travelling group, time-zone crossing and weather details through the itinerary of the trip. Further, the system also scans through the social media restaurant reviews sources, restaurant database for menu pricing and hours of operation, medical database and nutrition database for tracking all available food sources from source-location, food providers along trip journey, destination-location, and IoT food storing devices. Thereafter, based on the retrieved information and analysis of historical data, the system determines most optimal meal plan & packing considering constraints such as, shelf-life of food items, ease of transport, cost to c...