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Method and System for Providing a Fire Rescue Drone with Blueprint Route Guidance and Heat Avoidance Capabilities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256299D
Publication Date: 2018-Nov-16
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Method and System for Providing a Fire Rescue Drone with Blueprint Route Guidance and Heat Avoidance Capabilities

Disclosed is a method and system for providing a fire rescue drone with blueprint guidance and heat avoidance capabilities. The method and system enables the fire rescue drone to fly indoors, the fire rescue drone provided with thermal imaging while conducting heat sampling and avoidance procedures, along with route deciphering capabilities. The fire rescue drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is pre-loaded with blueprints of a building which are stored in memory of the drone. The method and system allows the drone to identify fire/heat within a building and determine an escape route via the loaded blueprints within the drone’s physical memory. Further, the method and system permits two-way audio and video communication with all first responders including, but not limited to, police, fire and rescue in large public buildings, industrial warehouses, commercial space, search and rescue in underground tunnels and mineral mines and an emergency management system (EMS).

The method and system also allows multiple drones to communicate with each other and provide vital information for fire detection, growth, and dynamic mapping indoors. In some cases, a swarm of drones may be placed on every floor of a building for creating a three-dimensional (3D) dynamic model of the fire.

Further, the method and system provides real-time dynamic route guidance through Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in case of fire in a building. Within the burning building, the drone of the method and system, provides lifesaving guidance.

Thus, the method and system enables fire detection, avoiding fire, and providing a safe route to exit for humans within a burning building. The drone is equipped with thermal imaging scanning for providing route guidance within a building to find the nearest fire exit if it was pre-loaded with blueprint software plans of the building.

Figure illustrates the drone based blueprint map evacuation route and drone-based thermal imaging scanning in accordance with the method and system.


Using communication via sensors placed within a building, the drone quickly triangulates a position and provides escape routes for safe evacuation while avoiding fire. At the same time, the drone avoids heat/fire using an on-board thermal imaging camera and determines rescue routes for humans.

In accordance with an embodiment, the method and system includes a cloud-based registration for registering a drone to the system. As prerequisites, a drone with proper hardware capabilities is acquired, the drone having the ability to use an onboard thermal imaging system, to fly with active object avoidance, and to fly through self-guidance techniques without a human pilot.

The drone is then registered to the cloud based system via any wireless network provided within the structure such as, but not limited to, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Further, software updates a...