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Windshield Collision Detection and Prevention System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256522D
Publication Date: 2018-Dec-06
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Windshield Collision Detection and Prevention System

Over the course of normal driving, especially on the thruway, vehicles are exposed to many objects that can potentially cause damage. Damage to windshields on the road can cause extremely dangerous driving conditions. For example, a rock or other projectile can damage a windshield and block a driver's vision all while traveling at high speeds. Repairing or replacing the windshield can cost hundreds of dollars and, if not dealt with, the damage can spread.

Products for deflecting some debris are available on the market. One example is a plastic bug deflector mounted on the hood of a vehicle*. Performing a similar task to the proposed system, these products redirect airflow in an attempt to deflect projectiles away from the hood and windshield of a vehicle. Possible drawbacks are that air is constantly being redirected by the deflector, permanently affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The deflector also relies on air speed from a moving vehicle in order to be effective, so a slow-moving vehicle could be struck more often than a fast-moving vehicle is struck.

The novel contribution is a windshield collision prevention system. The system uses a small radar sensor mounted on the vehicle’s hood or roof such that it can scan the area immediately in front of the car while moving forward.

The radar searches for objects that are candidates to cause damage to the windshield based on the size, velocity, and trajectory relative t...