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Method to automatically detect system condition for activating service packs that need system power off to start activation. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256525D
Publication Date: 2018-Dec-06
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Method to automatically detect system condition for activating service packs that need system power off to start activation.

1. Background: Whenever a Service Pack needs to be activated, then the 2 main questions are:

1. Should the system go for a warm reboot ? 2. Should the system be powered off and have a cold power on for the activation ?

Again, depending on the type of the system, having a warm reboot itself may cause an outage. For example: a Service Pack that is to be applied on Partitions will demand a partition to go through a reboot and thus causing a small service window. However, if the Service Pack ( here after referred to as SP ) has to be applied on a Service Processor ( here after referred to as FSP ) of a server, then without causing any disturbance to the partitions, FSP can be rebooted to have the new code activated while the partitions are running. Problem comes when the service pack contains a code that gets activated only after a Power Cycle. For example, if the Service Pack has a code that is responsible for programming a FPGA that is responsible for driving power to the Server Nodes, then it’s mandatory that the server needs to be powered off while FSP comes back from reset to activate the code. So depending on either type of code activation, it involves manual scheduling of the service window to activate the code and that is an overhead. 2. Related Work/Prior Art: As on today, if a code needs to be activated, then it involves manual intervention of bringing down the system / powering off, activating the code and then again running the partitions. If the administrator chooses to enable "Download, Install and Reactivate" for a Service Pack, then it causes a lot of disturbance to the user since it does not take into consideration on what the user is really doing with the system. Even if the administrator chooses to “Download only with install later”, it still involves a manual approval or an automatic approval at a scheduled time. 3. Summary of Invention: Proposed is an idea where each partition will have a property defined by the administrator which is nothing but how the partition is really utilizing the system and defining a usage parameter which can be considered okay to shutdown the partition. When all the partitions reach their below limit usage or reach idle state, the system is automatically powered off using a "Soft Power Off mechanism" and the Service Pack is applied and activated and thus not needing a...