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Phone Location Detection Via Camera Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256687D
Publication Date: 2018-Dec-20

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RECKAMP, Steven Robert


While the user is texting/interacting with their phone while driving, the phones camera is pointed at the interior of the car. The camera will be facing the pedals, steering wheel, instrument cluster, etc. If the phone is moving at automotive speeds and the camera is pointed at one of the "driver side" objects, texting, inputting navigation data, etc. will be disabled. The phone would still allow voice texting and other voice commands. If the camera is obstructed, the phone would default to the more restrictive behavior. The images attached show several views of the "cockpit" of the car and various orientations for the phone and what aspect of the image could initiate restricted functionality. There are many apps, like Waze that detect motion and give the user a warning if they try to interact. The problem is that the driver simply has to click on "I am a passenger" to use the app. The other option implemented in some navigation systems is that data cannot be changed when the car is in motion. This means that even passengers cannot update data. The use of the camera to identify the side of the car that the phone is in both prevents the driver from being distracted and still allows the passenger to interact with the phone.