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Systems and methods to maintain path diversity of backup DCRT and UNI FRR tunnels when there are on the fly changes in SRLG on TE links Disclosure Number: IPCOM000256760D
Publication Date: 2018-Dec-28
Document File: 5 page(s) / 187K

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This disclosure provides during re-setup of backup/Facility Bypass (FB) Label Switched Path (LSP) (tunnels) automatically making use of a Make Before Break (MBB) operation as and when SRLG(s) are updated on Traffic Engineering (TE) links. The auto re-setup of backup tunnels or FB tunnels maintains path diversity on SRLG changes in network; the MBB of backup or protection FB has minimal traffic impact in case the primary tunnel goes down during Diversity correction procedure; and runtime SRLG verification for path diversity of the backup LSP or FB tunnels is provided.