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System and Method to provide a customized advertisement using a Push Notification

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Publication Date: 2018-Dec-29
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System and Method to provide a customized advertisement using a

Push Notification

Mobile advertisements are a great way to connect to the end users quickly

and efficiently. Advertisements bring people's attention to available goods

and/or services via television (TV), newspapers, and social media. There are

multiple ways to provide a personalized notification to the mobile users. And

all of these are either decided by the advertisement server or by the mobile

server. These advertisements do not distinguish users according to their

tastes, interests, hobbies. And these advertisements generally do not involve

logic from the app. Existing advertisement display technologies do not use

push notifications technology to update the advertisements in a timely

manner. Our method is to invoke the ad updates by the server and allow the

mobile applications to decide when to display it accordingly.

The method is to conduct a learning phase where the mobile analytics is used

by the mobile application to gather the user details. These user details can

vary from behavior of the user, though not restricted to, locations visited by

the user, personal interests (clothes, food items purchased or viewed), places

user is visiting as per their calendar. These details are gathered periodically

from the mobile app by the mobile server as part of the learning phase.

Mobile servers has the intelligence to decide the advertisement for a specific

types of users, or a single user. This decision is based on the data collected

during the learning phase, decides to update the advertisement which is

displayed as part of the mobile application. As the decision is made to update

the advertisement, mobile server initiates the push notification. Mobile

application receives a silent push notification and based on the details in the

notification payload, the advertisement is updated.

This flow makes the Mobile servers and mobile applications to take control of

what the end user sees as the advertisement, rather than providing the control

to the advertisement servers.

Dynamic Personalized advertisement management is a key feature for any

mobile application.

This method provides a way to provide more controlled display of

advertisements to the mobile users. And this is not just restricted to the

mobile users and can be easily extended to the web users too.

A Learning phase of building the intelligence is conducted and data is

collected for individual users by the server using the mobile analytics.

Following are few details that is considered for collection, but not restricted to

this list –

• User location • User behavior / click in the app

• User interests which are collected by the app • User’s future travel locations

based on the calendar entries • Items purchased / viewed by the user

Based on the data collected, server applies the i...