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Air filter for combustion engines with metal inlet ring

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257146D
Publication Date: 2019-Jan-16

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In the proposed concept, raw air inlet side is fixed with a metal ring to improve its structural stability and to restrict air flow in the reverse direction. (for tangential flow 2 stage air cleaner). This improves structural stability of the inlet part. This arrangement of integrating sleeve on to the reinforcement ring would enhance the pre-separation efficiency for air cleaners with lesser pressure drop. (As in case of conventional air cleaners). The proposed design gives better flexibility in positioning of the sleeve at different height on to the inlet side. The pressure drop in air cleaner can also be optimized by adjusting different size and shape of the sleeve ring without changing injection molding tool. The notched design on the inlet metal ring ensures better holding of the ring in the inlet side of the housing, without falling apart, as compared to conventional air cleaners. The metal ring is snapped into the plastic housing or overmoulded by the housing thermoplastic material during the injection moulding process. In existing air cleaners, reverse flow stop is integrated on the housing of air cleaner, which restricts the flexibility and a separate reinforcement ring is used at the inlet. Plastic inlet pipe wears & could break due to heavy loading conditions. Inlet metal ring, is more robust.