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Open-loop level-shifter with Zero DC current for Power-On Reset circuits

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257172D
Publication Date: 2019-Jan-17

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Patent/Patent Application:
82094004 [+details]


Power-On-Reset (POR) circuits are required to detect and monitor the presence of supply. Multi-voltage domain operations within a single chip require reliable level-shifter to safe-state different circuits during supply ramp-up or supply absence. These level-shifters are different than conventional level-shifters as they cannot have indeterminate state for reliable operations of the complete chip. The level-shifters mostly available in the art consume DC bias current. As these are always on circuits, this impacts low-power mode applications of the product. A new circuit topology is proposed in this invention to solve this problem to have fail-safe level-shifting between different power-domains for a POR circuit.