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An apparatus and approach to manage software license in container environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257174D
Publication Date: 2019-Jan-18
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An apparatus and approach to manage software license in container environment License granting is very common for commercial software. However, not every software embeds license management module inside it. How to resolve this common requirement but without modifying each individual existing business software to add license management capability for containerized business software? Below apparatus and approach to achieve above purpose.

1) A license policy build module is proposed to interpret license instruction in container building instruction file

2) A license manager proxy module is proposed to interact with various license server and get verification result according to license policy file

3) A license policy enforcer module is proposed to take action accordingly per license verification result from license manager proxy

Build phase: A license management agent would be built into container image when license management capability is enabled using some approach. The possible approach to enable can be achieved via additional instructions in container image build file, for example, Dockerfile for docker image building, or arguments for image build command line. The following are the instruction added to support licensing capability. With these instructions or options, the proposed license policy build module inside container image build tool would know the requirement and generate one generic license policy file and then put it into one protected area which is known to container engine. License product.groupid=”” License artifactid=”” License version=”” License policy=”{ UNLIMITED, PVUNonProd, PVUProd, UVU}” License service.mode=”{volume, HTTP, RPC}” License volume=”{license file to be checked if service.mode is volume}” License service.endpoint=”{license server if verification.mode is HTTP or RPC}” License service.parameters=”customerid={}&product={$ product.groupid }” License publickey=”{authorized key to access license service}” License privatekey=”{private key paired with public key to sign}”

A protected area would be defined to hold license policy file. The license policy file is generated during docker build procedure based on container image file’s license- relevant instruction. In the license policy file, private key is not included. Any deletion or modification on the license policy file would be forbidden during docker build procedure

or at runtime. Additionally, the public key can be added into protected area as well. Fina...