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System and method for smart food delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257180D
Publication Date: 2019-Jan-18
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System and method for smart food delivery

People who order oven-baked or cooked food want it quick and fresh, however the current

industry lacks in those aspects. The normal process is preparing, cooking and then delivering

the food, thus delivery starts only when the food is ready. The fresh food starts to cool

down and lose its taste the moment it leaves the oven. This, especially if delivery is taking

long because of traffic and other conditions, leads to very long delivery time and not fresh


Disclosed is a method and system for moving the cooking from the central location to the

delivery car. This leads to much faster delivery and if the cooking is done in the right time

the delivered food will always be fresh. Also, this means that a smaller kitchen is sufficient,

so the operators can save on rent.

The solution is based on a Smart Food Delivery Vehicle, which has automated ovens in the

back and a local computer system and Cognitive Agent which monitors and controls the

ovens. Orders are picked up in the central facility where the staff prepares them for cooking

and puts each of them in their designated oven on board the vehicle.

The system calculates the optimal order of delivery for all orders on board the vehicle based

on traffic conditions, weather conditions, historical data about travel times in similar

conditions and machine learning analysis of the driver’s driving style and route preferences.

The system also calculates based on the type of food and the est...