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T-Commerce Engine to one click buy products

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257186D
Publication Date: 2019-Jan-18

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Ula Niemirska Charles Dawes


Problem: There is no doubt that the digitalization age that we are living in has extreme impacts on consumer consumption models. We are always in a hurry, live faster and the way we shop for products today is definitely different from the past. We have gone from a linear, retail-focused model to today's iterative, digital-centric model of customer behavior. That transformation presents an opportunity for companies to push information more aggressively in front of the customers at the exact moment their needs are generated.  We believe that advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence enable companies to create more convenient, speed and unified purchasing system that will help customers shorten their purchasing journeys and decisions and as a result save their time by providing very well targeted offers to individual customers. This idea presents an integrated system across your mobile device, TV and STB, that allows a user/viewer to do very convenient and fast online shopping and to educate and develop user's area of interest by presenting access to common everyday behaviors while consuming preferred content. Apart from a One-Click Purchasing function the system comprises a set of useful features and functionalities: It is able to connect with your wardrobe, cupboard or fridge to check a product stock level and replenish where indicated shortages of products are seen with a one-click buy. It allows you to snap a picture of an item you see on TV or on the street and retrieve product information related to that item, such as: description, price comparison, where to get that item etc. and then do one-click shopping. It is able to send you well timed push notifications on facts aligned with areas of your interest related to the TV content you are watching together with a personalized suggestion of things you might want to buy. Solution: The system can be triggered by: An active voice function – that allows users to input commands into their TV by using their voice. The system is constantly in listen mode, it follows your conversation and picks commands and areas of your interest from a dialog. It distinguishes commands from ordinary conversation. You can simply turn off that function if you don't want to use it. The system is sensitive to utterances; for instance, the word ''like'' e.g. if you watch some content and you say ''I like that" it is a trigger for the system to add this topic to your list of interests and then automatically provide relevant notifications, shopping recommendations and purchasing options A passive voice function - To activate voice commands on your TV you need to press the microphone button on your remote control or in the mobile App and then speak a voice command into the microphone. Viewer must hold down the voice button while speaking the command. App on your mobile device – It is related to the function which allows you to snap a photo of something that interests you and get back information related to that desired item. With a voice command or a one click action on your mobile device or remote control, the system gives you an ability to send information to a synchronized with your mobile device application regarding a subject you consume at the moment and find interesting. The system is able to automatically determine and leverage behavior and content data to make real-time personalized connections. The system learns and gathers key information about the consumer, so it knows what the consumer's top online stores are, what budget he/she usually tends to spend for a different group of products or what he/she is likely to buy the most often. Having that set of data the system is able to provide well targeted information the consumer. Some scenarios and examples of usage of this engine: When watching a cooking show on your TV, you can save any recipes you want to on an App on your phone very easily and quickly. The system will automatically get together a list of products that is needed to prepare a given dish and display it and archive it on your phone so you can come back to it whenever you want to. It will even connect with your fridge or cupboard and check a product stock available in there. If it runs across any shortages, it will send a notification to you. Your suggested shopping list will pop up instantly in your App. You will have ability to edit the list and when you are done, you will only need to decide in which store you want to finalize your shopping. The system will provide a list of different stores' offerings matched to the information is obtained from your behaviours.  When your favorite musician appears on a TV screen, a link to that artist's albums or tickets to a concert in nearby location can automatically show up in your mobile application. This link can connect securely to the online payment method, preferred shipping method, and address that you have online. You don't even need to make any extra work in this purchasing process that is beneficial especially if you're reluctant to spend your time and effort into searching for some information or items. You are watching a travel program about Fuerteventura island. The system knows that you are a big fan of windsurfing and therefore it is pushing information that matches your interest. You can get information such as: list of best surf places on the island, offers of useful equipment when practicing that sport in this location, some recommendations of local trainers who can help develop your skills, or a list of hotels for that destination. Additionally, the system can help you plan your trip by redirecting you to a travel agency or to websites where you will be able to find the most convenient flight connections, accommodations and amenities. You're watching your favorite sitcom or celebrity show and you see a perfect blouse, bag or watch. Wouldn't it be great if you could just aim your phone, click one button, find out where to get it and simply buy it? AI-enhanced image search in your App allows you to take pictures of products you are interested in and to find relevant shopping ideas. The App will enable you to snap a picture of something you just saw and get information related to it. For example, if you see a jacket, you snap a photo and the App will find exactly the same model for you in online stores, pick the most competitive offer and redirect you to the specific web store so you can finalize your purchase very easily.