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Preset Keyword Display with Closed Caption or AVR_ACR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257422D
Publication Date: 2019-Feb-12
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Nobuyasu Isarai: INVENTOR


Preset Keyword Display with Closed Caption or AVR_ACR

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Preset Keyword Display with Closed Caption (or AVR/ACR)

Nobu Isarai

Problem: While you are watching a TV program or zapping channels, you might miss a news that you are interested because you do not know what kind of news are currently broadcast on your favorite news channels.

Solution: Your device (TV/Recorder) with multiple TV tuners reads Closed Caption (“CC”) of your “preset channels” to find your “preset keywords” while you are watching other channels.

Once the device finds those preset keywords in CC, the device displays those preset keywords on your TV screen to let you know then-available news you want to watch so you can switch it to news found.

Or, the device can also display an actual news program in another window on TV screen.

Use Case (Use Case image is illustrated in page 3): You voice or type in “British Royal Family” and “CNN” as keywords on preset screen of your device (TV/Recorder), and while you watch Travel Channel, those preset keywords are displayed on TV screen once your device finds those keywords in CC of your preset channel, CNN, to prompt you to change the channel. Also, the device could be programed by the device manufacturer to have an option that the device shows a couple of lines of actual news texts on the screen. (This part is not depicted in the Use Case images in page 3.)

How this differs from others?: There might exist a few content notification services of user’s interest, but this idea must differ from others in using Closed Caption (CC) as an almost native function of TV/Recorders that is (almost) always available in the U.S. market or in U.S.-originated contents (also, widely available in many other countries and regions). Any TV/Recorder device manufacturers can have access to CC on their devices to realize this idea, and it should be quite simple to implement, probably only with software programming in the device.



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Preset Keyword Display with Closed Caption (or AVR/ACR)

Figure 1:

Figure 1 illustrates that you first type in or speak to the device (TV/Recorder) to preset “Keywords” and “Channel Names” you want the device to find in CC streams on preset channels.

Then, the device reads CC on user-preset channels with user-typed or –voiced texts until it finds those user-preset keywords.

The device shows preset words and channels once it found those keywords in CC. Or, the device can also show the found news program with another small window on screen.

Supplementary info on this invention idea:

*CC can be replaced with Automated Voice Recognition (“AVR”) or Automated Contents Recognition (“ACR”) to search news or other content...