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Social Data driven Real-time Product Recommendation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000257588D
Publication Date: 2019-Feb-21

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Abhishek Rajapurohit


The social media adoption rate continues to grow at a staggering pace and has become part of the fabric of everyday life around the world. The proliferation of social media and mobile technology applications has spawned a new space for innovating and building new things that will have a direct impact on improving business outcomes. Core Idea: The idea is to use the shared social data and the activities of user/customer like Facebook check-in's, status updates, events, tweets, Google+ posts, etc. to decide what a retailer, brand, or business entity should recommend to its customer based on the place, time, and situation updated by the user on any of the linked social media accounts, so that the recommendations become more specific and realistic based on the situation.